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Pigeons nest in large colonies which quickly deface buildings and homes with their droppings.

To safeguard the value of your solar investment, it is crucial to be one step ahead and take proactive measures. We recommend three key steps;

  • Installing a bird-proofing solution
  • Conduct an annual clean
  • Annual pest control to ensure no bird lice/mites are present

By implementing these measure, you can be confident that your solar panels will remain in optimal condition and free from risks posed by nesting birds (and the parasites that they can carry!)

Whilst rodents aren’t dangerous, they can be carriers of disease that cause concern. They typically live for an average of 3-4 years, but can multiply quite quickly!
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High-Quality Solar Panel Bird Proofing

Pigeons nesting underneath solar panels can pose a challenging problem due to their inconspicuous presence. Being small in size and blending with their surroundings, they often go unnoticed. Their ability to effortlessly maneuver beneath the solar panels adds to the difficulty of detection. Homeowners share a special connection with their homes, and at Sydney Pest Crew, we recognize this bond. None of us wants to witness our property being compromised by pigeons nesting under solar panels, which is why it becomes essential to seek professional Sydney Solar Panel Bird Proofing services to address this issue effectively.

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    Why Bird Proofing is Essential for the Longevity of your Solar Panels and Well-Being

    1. Protecting your wiring integrity: Nesting birds can cause significant damage to the wiring beneath your solar panels. Bird related damage may not be covered under your warranty and this can potentially lead to out of pocket expenses – perhaps even a complete reinstallation.

    2. Property Damage: Bird droppings are corrosive and can irreversibly damage both your solar panels and surrounds. By taking steps to bird proof your home and solar panels, you can prevent costly repairs and maintain the integrity of your property.

    3. Noise Pollution: Nesting pigeons can create disruptive noise under, and around, your solar panels. Addressing a bird infestation can eliminate this source of noise pollution and lead to a more peaceful environment.

    4. Disease Prevention: Bird infestations can contribute to the spread of harmful diseases (Cryptococcus, Staphylococcus, Histoplasmosis etc) and bird mites/lice – especially in residential areas. By bird proofing your solar panels, you can help the proliferation of these diseases and safeguard your home and community.

    5. Fire Hazards: Birds building nests under your solar panels pose a serious fire hazard. Taking preventative measures to discourage nesting will significantly help ensure the safety of your property.

    At Sydney Pest Crew, we provide you with a safe, reliable solution that offers peace of mind. Our bird proofing system ensures the longevity of your solar investment and safeguards your home (and health) from nesting birds and the damage and diseases that come along with them, mitigating any potential risks.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can birds damage solar panels?

    Yes, birds can damage your solar panels. Bird droppings, known for their corrosive nature, have the ability to erode the wiring and surface of your solar panels. Additionally, birds may cause scratches on the panel's surface, which can diminish its efficiency in generating electricity.

    Why do birds live under my solar panels?

    Birds are naturally drawn to seek shelter and protection from the elements, making the space underneath your solar panels an ideal spot for them to build their nests. However, this situation presents a challenge as birds tend to leave behind a considerable amount of droppings and nesting materials in that area.

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