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How much does pest control cost?

The cost of a pest control service varies depending on the treatment required, infestation levels and specific issues you may be experiencing. Some services require an ongoing maintenance plan in place, it is vital you inform us what you are seeing in order to provide Sydney Pest Crew with the correct quote and service to achieve optimum results. We also have promotions tailored to your needs that Sydney Pest Crew can provide you with. Contact us today for a free quote.

What different types of pests do we control?

We provide solutions for a variety of pests including ants, bed bugs, bees, cockroaches, german cockroaches, fleas, flies, rodents including rats and mice, possums, silverfish, spiders, termites, carpet beetles, pantry moths, ticks, fruit flies, wasps, birds, bird lice, European wasps and mosquitos. A full list of our services can be found here.

What treatments do we provide?

We provide general pest services, kitchen treatments, detailed cockroach treatments, rodent bait station installation packages and rebaits, active wasps eradication and wasp nest removals, pre-construction termite barriers, termite reticulation system refills, sanitisation disinfectant services, possum catch and release service and end of lease flea treatments...and many more.

Are the pesticides used in a general service harmful to pets?

Generally, most pesticides are pet-friendly although this is dependent upon the pet in question and the application required. This may vary pending the type of pets such as fish, so we strongly advise that you inform Sydney Pest Crew regarding any pets present as we will provide you with the correct advice regarding what to do prior to your pest control service.

Do I need to leave the house when a pest control service is being carried out?

This is dependent upon the type of service that will be carried out and who is present in the property. For example, if a general pest service is going to be carried out and any pregnant women, babies or children are present within the house, they will be advised to leave prior to the service and the re-entry period post completion of service is approximately 4 hours, as per Australian Standards. It is vital you inform Sydney Pest Crew who will be present in order to provide you with the correct advice.

When can I mop the house?

We recommend not mopping the floor for at least 5 days after the service so the chemical has time to set in order to achieve optimum results. Please carry out all cleaning and mopping prior to a pest control service. Window cleaning is best to be carried out after a pest control service. If mopping is urgently required post completion of service, advise Sydney Pest Crew and we will give you further direction.

Does the pesticide affect plants?

No, we use genuine registered pesticides that are applied correctly and are environmentally safe for your garden.

Can I eat fruit from the garden after the service?

Yes, fruit can be eaten out of the garden after the service if washed.

My house is clean, why do I keep seeing pests?

There are numerous factors as to why pests are present on your property. Although a property that lacks household care will more likely attract specific pests such as german cockroaches than other properties, a clean house can still attract pests as you are dealing with nature and numerous other factors. Such factors include the location of the property, the surrounding environment along with whether other neighbouring homes or properties are carrying out regular pest services also, weather conditions, structure of your property such as proofing issues, fencing type, any pets present and so forth. Every property varies from the other and not every home will achieve the same results. Our technicians at Sydney Pest Crew will thoroughly treat each property and advise accordingly to our clients on where household improvements can be made to reduce pest activity in future. It is vital every property in Sydney whether residential, commercial, cafe/restaurant or industrial carries out a pest control service at least once a year. Failure to do so will result in higher pest activity over time and multiple issues...dont wait for the problem to occur.

My neighbour is infested, should I be worried?

Any pest infestation should cause concern, unfortunately, you cannot force your neighbour to get pest control services carried out. The best approach is to have your property treated to reduce the chances of pests entering your property and limit pest activity.

What should I do before a pest service?

This is dependent upon the service required. For general pest services, please remove all clothes off the clothesline if any exterior spray is going to be carried out, close all windows, cover all animal enclosures such as an aquarium with a sheet or towel, and move furniture slightly away from walls if possible to give the technician access to all corners and areas of the house or business and ensure the driveway is cleared of any vehicles as technicians will need to reverse into the driveway to utilise specific tools. A full list of preparing your house can be found here.

How often should I get a pest service?

We recommend getting a general pest service for spiders and cockroaches done every 6 months however no more than one year. For other pests such as rodents or termites, we can advise accordingly pending the system in place. If you are experiencing issues prior, please contact Sydney Pest Crew immediately to make a booking, do not wait for an issue to escalate as it may prove costly and an immense inconvenience for your property or workplace. Certain pests such as bird lice, fleas, rodents and german cockroaches can escalate immediately.

Do you have long-term options?

We provide tailor-made maintenance plans for your property or business, contact us here.
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