We Provide A Wide Range of Pest Control Services in Sydney to Residential, Strata, Real Estate, Commercial and Industrial Customers

How much does pest control cost?
The cost of a pest control service varies depending on the treatment required, infestation levels and specific issues you may be experiencing. Some services require an ongoing maintenance plan in place, it is vital you inform us what you are seeing in order to provide Sydney Pest Crew with the correct quote and service to achieve optimum results. We also have promotions tailored to your needs that Sydney Pest Crew can provide you with. Contact us today for a free quote.

What different types of pests do we control?
We provide solutions for a variety of pests including ants, bed bugs, bees, cockroaches, german cockroaches, fleas, flies, rodents including rats and mice, possums, silverfish, spiders, termites, carpet beetles, pantry moths, ticks, fruit flies, wasps, birds, bird lice, European wasps and mosquitos. A full list of our services can be found here.

What treatments do we provide?
We provide general pest services, kitchen treatments, detailed cockroach treatments, rodent bait station installation packages and rebaits, active wasps eradication and wasp nest removals, pre-construction termite barriers, termite reticulation system refills, sanitisation disinfectant services, possum catch and release service and end of lease flea treatments...and many more.

Are the pesticides used in a general service harmful to pets?
Generally, most pesticides are pet-friendly although this is dependent upon the pet in question and the application required. This may vary pending the type of pets such as fish, so we strongly advise that you inform Sydney Pest Crew regarding any pets present as we will provide you with the correct advice regarding what to do prior to your pest control service.

Do I need to leave the house when a pest control service is being carried out?
This is dependent upon the type of service that will be carried out and who is present in the property. For example, if a general pest service is going to be carried out and any pregnant women, babies or children are present within the house, they will be advised to leave prior to the service and the re-entry period post completion of service is approximately 4 hours, as per Australian Standards. It is vital you inform Sydney Pest Crew who will be present in order to provide you with the correct advice.

When can I mop the house?
We recommend not mopping the floor for at least 5 days after the service so the chemical has time to set in order to achieve optimum results. Please carry out all cleaning and mopping prior to a pest control service. Window cleaning is best to be carried out after a pest control service. If mopping is urgently required post completion of service, advise Sydney Pest Crew and we will give you further direction.

Does the pesticide affect plants?
No, we use genuine registered pesticides that are applied correctly and are environmentally safe for your garden.

Can I eat fruit from the garden after the service?
Yes, fruit can be eaten out of the garden after the service if washed.

My house is clean, why do I keep seeing pests?
There are numerous factors as to why pests are present on your property. Although a property that lacks household care will more likely attract specific pests such as german cockroaches than other properties, a clean house can still attract pests as you are dealing with nature and numerous other factors. Such factors include the location of the property, the surrounding environment along with whether other neighbouring homes or properties are carrying out regular pest services also, weather conditions, structure of your property such as proofing issues, fencing type, any pets present and so forth. Every property varies from the other and not every home will achieve the same results. Our technicians at Sydney Pest Crew will thoroughly treat each property and advise accordingly to our clients on where household improvements can be made to reduce pest activity in future. It is vital every property in Sydney whether residential, commercial, cafe/restaurant or industrial carries out a pest control service at least once a year. Failure to do so will result in higher pest activity over time and multiple issues...don’t wait for the problem to occur.

My neighbour is infested, should I be worried?
Any pest infestation should cause concern, unfortunately, you cannot force your neighbour to get pest control services carried out. The best approach is to have your property treated to reduce the chances of pests entering your property and limit pest activity.

Do you have long-term options?
We provide tailor-made maintenance plans for your property or business, contact us here.

What should I do before a pest service?
This is dependent upon the service required. For general pest services, please remove all clothes off the clothesline if any exterior spray is going to be carried out, close all windows, cover all animal enclosures such as an aquarium with a sheet or towel, and move furniture slightly away from walls if possible to give the technician access to all corners and areas of the house or business and ensure the driveway is cleared of any vehicles as technicians will need to reverse into the driveway to utilise specific tools. A full list of preparing your house can be found here.

How often should I get a pest service?
We recommend getting a general pest service for spiders and cockroaches done every 6 months however no more than one year. For other pests such as rodents or termites, we can advise accordingly pending the system in place. If you are experiencing issues prior, please contact Sydney Pest Crew immediately to make a booking, do not wait for an issue to escalate as it may prove costly and an immense inconvenience for your property or workplace. Certain pests such as bird lice, fleas, rodents and german cockroaches can escalate immediately.

What’s included in a rodent control service?
Our service starts by investigating all entry points where rats or mice can enter or any proofing issues with the property itself. We will recommend if any areas require sealing or proofing to be carried out. If rodents, such as rats or mice are found in the roof, the roof will be baited or traps will be installed pending the advice of the technician and any specific requests from clients. Mice stations will be set up internally also if signs of rodents are found or as a preventative measure along with a lockable pet and child-friendly rodent stations to be installed externally. Keep in mind if you can fit a pencil in a gap or under a door, for example, a mouse can enter through there. Don’t wait for the problem to occur, be rodent-ready particularly for the cooler periods when rats and mice like to enter properties and roofs or walls to keep warm.

We have mice or rats in the house, how can we get them out quickly?
There are numerous applications we can provide for both immediate and long-term control. Such applications include modern snap traps, sticky boards and baiting systems. Some will obtain quicker results than others however all applications will be explained to the client by our technicians, which you can confirm if you are satisfied with that application being implemented.

We hear scratching in the roof. Is it rats, mice, birds or a possum?
In order for us to determine what the scratching is, we would need to investigate by examining your roof as this could be rats, mice, possums or even birds nesting. Our qualified technicians can determine this by looking at the droppings or any other activity present in the roof and we will recommend and treat accordingly.

Are baits safe for my pets?
Rodent baits are kept in a lockable pet and child-friendly boxes which can only be opened by a licensed technician with a key. As long as stations are not being tampered with or forced open by residents then pets will remain safe. Bait will never be installed externally or within kitchens etc without a bait station around it.

What is secondary poisoning?
Secondary poisoning occurs when an animal eats another animal that has itself ingested a pesticide. If your dog or cat eats a single poisoned rat or mouse, they are very unlikely to consume enough of the poison to cause a problem however Sydney Pest Crew also uses bait that will have a low secondary poisoning toxicity level and is kept in mind with all rodent control installations. We highly recommend disposing of any dead rodents on your property correctly when found.

What’s included in a cockroach control service?
Cockroaches like warm and dark places which makes your roof and sub-floor a perfect breeding ground. We begin by flushing out your roof, sub-floor, cracks and crevices and any weep holes with powder application. We will inspect your kitchen to find entry points which we will recommend sealing off and applying gels to the kitchen cupboards, sticky boards, powder and residual sprays. A thorough indoor and outdoor spray is then carried out.

What are the common signs of cockroach infestation in a home?
Witnessing a large number of cockroaches in the home is an indicator of an infestation, usually more visible at night cockroaches are also nocturnal insects that prefer to operate and feed in the dark. A combination of droppings, eggs and large numbers of cockroaches means a nest is nearby and an infestation is occurring. One german cockroach egg can produce up to 50 German cockroaches overnight so keep that in mind as such an issue should not be prolonged and attended to immediately.

How long will it take for cockroaches to die?
You will start seeing results after flushing and spraying with the majority of results achieved in the first 24-48 hours however you may see some still flushing out anywhere up to 4-6 weeks as this is the egg cycle. In regards to german cockroaches, if any are still present 4 weeks post-initial service, a follow-up service will be required to eradicate them completely and account for the egg cycle.

Are cockroaches a health concern?
Cockroaches not only contaminate food but also carry diseases that can cause health issues. They carry various types of bacteria such as staphylococcus, salmonella, streptococcus and poliovirus. Cockroaches are also one of the most common sources of indoor allergens and are thought that the enzymes found in the droppings, shedding body parts, eggs, and saliva of cockroaches cause allergic reactions in many people.

Is there anything I can do myself at home?
General housekeeping and household care play a pivotal role in pest control, having an untidy property or home can cause cockroaches to come back in full force, in particular german cockroaches. We recommend all food be sealed and placed in air-tight containers and dirty dishes be cleaned regularly to ensure cockroaches do not have a food source. Open food sources including onions, vegetables, fruit, sweets such as chocolate etc should be considered at all times. Bins should be thoroughly emptied regularly, all sauce and herb products to be wiped down regularly and kitchen benches, grills, and ovens cleaned constantly.

What’s included in a detailed german cockroach treatment?
Sydney Pest Crew approaches all german cockroaches with a find, flush and finish procedure. We begin by thoroughly investigating the kitchen or area in question for cracks and crevices, electric devices, food sources and so on as technicians will look through every cupboard, hole and appliance to find and flush out all german cockroaches. Sydney Pest Crew will then implement up to 5 different applications in order to eradicate these species of cockroaches by implementing gel specifically designed for german cockroaches and also for health and safety reasons to avoid spraying over kitchen cutlery and food. Sticky boards, powder and residual surface spray will also be applied as they will not only assist in achieving immediate but also long-term results. Sticky boards are used as monitoring stations to further investigate over a specific time period if certain areas have higher german cockroach activity than others.

Do I have German cockroaches?
German cockroaches can be hard to identify to the untrained eye however, some things to look out for are:
- Are much smaller than American cockroaches measuring at about half an inch
- Are tan with dark, parallel lines running from their heads to the ends of their wings
- Generally gather in kitchens and bathrooms
- Like hiding under cracks and crevices such as stone tops not completely sealed, in hinges or inside electrical appliances or food sources.

How long will it take to get rid of an infestation?
The amount of time it takes to get rid of German cockroaches largely depends on the size of the infestation. German cockroaches have an egg cycle of 4 weeks and the number of eggs in an ootheca usually is between 30-50. In large infestations, a four-week follow-up service is needed to eradicate them completely along with actioning any advice provided by technicians at Sydney Pest Crew.

What’s included in a spider control service?
Spiders weave webs everywhere and breed rapidly, which means it doesn’t take long for the infestation to spread across the property. We will begin by flushing out your roof void and sub-floor. We will spray the entire exterior of the property where spiders like to hide such as gutters, windows and fence lines. We will also spray your garden area and bushes.

Can we do anything to slow them down after the service?

Spiders require a direct hit on the day of the service to achieve optimum results, hence why Sydney Pest Crew utilises the correct tools and pesticides to target them in all areas of the property along with flushing. Household care such as garden and tree maintenance may assist in reducing any influx in spiders along with recommendations to neighbours to have their properties serviced also, ideally on the same day as yours for optimum results. We also recommend in two weeks post-service to use a cobweb broom or standard broom to wipe down all the spider webs present around your property for a nice fresh start and also to monitor over the months the rate at which spiders are returning along with a clearer indication if certain neighbours have an unattended issue.

What type of spiders are serviced using our pesticides?
Our pesticides are genuine pesticides and registered to be applied on all species of spiders present at the time of service, which include funnel-web spiders, redback spiders, white-tailed spiders, mouse spiders, wolf spiders, black house spiders, garden orb-weaving spiders, trap door spiders, huntsman spiders and st andrews cross spiders.
What’s included in an end of lease flea treatment?
We thoroughly inspect your entire property for signs of fleas and treat regardless if we find any or not. We will do a full blanket spray on the interior and exterior and provide a service report at the end to show your real estate. This treatment is vital and enforced in order for fleas not to escalate as some tenants or residents may not be aware they are present and future tenants will be dealt with the ramifications of a flea infestation if not treated prior to moving out. Real estate and property managers in NSW will enforce an end of lease flea treatment to avoid such issues from occurring for new tenants.

Do we need an end of lease flea treatment?

In NSW, it’s a legal requirement to have an end-of-lease flea treatment carried out which will be enforced by real estate and property managers otherwise bond may not be returned. All tenants that own pets like dogs and cats are required whether your pets have fleas or not and proof of treatment must be shown to your real estate which Sydney Pest Crew will provide you with post completion of service and included in all costs provided to you.

Can we be home while the service is being done?
We recommend that you vacate the property for at least 2 hours post service as the floors will be wet but please enquire with Sydney Pest Crew regarding further information specifically if any pets, kids, babies or pregnant women are reentering that day as the reentry period may be longer.

When should we book the cleaners?
You should book the cleaners the day prior to servicing your property for an end-of-lease flea treatment to ensure we are able to spray the property once a final clean is carried out without interfering with the cleaners. This also ensures pesticides applied on the surface will last longer without cleaners mopping.

What’s included in a flea control service?
We thoroughly inspect your entire property for signs of fleas. We will do a complete blanket spray with an insecticide registered to target fleas on the interior and exterior of the property. Sydney Pest Crew also includes an insect growth regulator (IGR) insecticide to control the growth and egg cycle of fleas. We recommend vacuuming the house once per day for the next week to remove live fleas and eggs.

How do I know if I have fleas?

There are a number of ways you may notice you have fleas, one being your pet scratching or chewing themselves. Additionally, you’ll often find small, red, itchy bite marks on your body, particularly around your ankles and lower legs. In many cases, people cannot differentiate whether bites are from fleas, bird lice/mites or even bed bugs. Please contact Sydney Pest Crew if you believe you have been bitten by a pest and we will assist in determining which pest may have caused it along with the necessary treatment required. Please note, that if fleas are present within your property, treating your pet for fleas will not solve the issue of fleas that are already present. You will require a detailed flea treatment in order to eradicate them.

Where do fleas reproduce?
The most common places to find flea eggs indoors include carpeted rugs, floorboard cracks, pet bedding, cushions and upholstery, beneath beds and furniture, and dirt floor basements.

What’s included in a wasp control service?
Sydney Pest Crew will eradicate any live wasps present at the time of the service along with removing any nests. Our technicians are licensed and experienced to carry out a wasp control service safely and effectively. Please do not attempt to carry this out yourself as wasps can directly attack you if not eradicated with the correct application. In addition, without eradicating the active wasps they can quickly return to recreate another nest within days. This will cause a repeat issue.

Is there something permanent to stop them from coming back?
A regular general service for property maintenance can assist with eliminating nests early or any active wasps, however, there is no pesticide or application you can apply to walls or guttering for example that will deter wasps from returning to renest. For this reason, it is vital that active wasps are eradicated professionally to reduce the chances of wasps returning and recreating nests in a short time. It may also be worth discussing with neighbours if they have any active wasp nests present as removing those will further assist in decreasing the chances of wasps returning to your property. Sydney Pest Crew has promotions in place for wasp nest removals for yourself and neighbour properties on same-day service. Enquire within.

Are wasps dangerous?
Wasps bites are painful and can prove fatal for some people. Around 1 in 10 people who are stung multiple times become allergic, which means they will experience severe reactions to any further stings. The most severe allergic reaction of all is anaphylaxis, which may be life-threatening.

What’s included in a possum control service?
We will inspect your entire property and roof void to find evidence of possums. If we suspect possums are in your roof, we will find any obvious entry points and recommend you seal them off. We will then install a possum cafe with an attractant source to catch the possum and will return to the property when it is caught to release it safely. Possums present in the roof can be caught within 24 hours to two weeks pending their behaviour.

Where will you release the possum?
Under the Animal Welfare Act, we legally have to release the possum in a habitable and comfortable area in the vicinity, approximately 150m from the original location.

Can you kill a possum that is in our roof?
It is illegal to kill any possums. They must be caught and released.

How do I know I have possums in the roof?
These pests are quite noisy, and you will hear them when they are moving around in your roof space as movement is heavy. Some other sounds to listen out for are scratching, banging and very distinctive lip-smacking and clicking sounds. They can often be confused with rodents however, Sydney Pest Crew has measures in place to determine which is present in your roof void along with the correct application.

Can possums cause damage to my property?
Yes. Possums can damage the gutters, electrical wires, soffits and shingles, as well as urinate in your roof causing stains.