Achieve a home or business without the pitter-patter of unwanted guests with Sydney Pest Crew’s specialised Sydney rodent pest control services. Our team of expert technicians has the strategies, techniques and tools to successfully eliminate rodent infestations and is committed to providing swift, effective and lasting solutions.

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While domesticated rats and mice can make for great pets, other larger rodents can pose a great threat to households and businesses. Whilst rodents aren’t dangerous, they can be carriers of disease that cause concern. They typically live for an average of 3–4 years, but can multiply quite quickly!

Rodent infestation can cause property damage, human disease and other major issues for homes and business owners. Unfortunately, once rodents enter your property, getting rid of the infestation can be tough, as these creatures find the perfect areas to build their nest and rear their young. To stop the spread of disease and damage, it's important to call our rodent pest control specialists to set up an appointment.

Rodents don't discriminate between homes and businesses, and neither do we. Our rodent control services cater to both residential and commercial clients, providing tailored solutions to match the unique challenges each setting presents. From residential homes to expansive office spaces, our rat control techniques ensure that rodents are not just evicted but prevented from returning.

Our experienced professionals can handle rodents in any area, including the attic or basement. We can prevent further rodent infestation before it turns into a major issue. Our goal is to provide the best possible rodent pest control services for your home or business. We are experts in rodent pest control and will work with you to create a customised plan to solve the problem.

Your safety and the well-being of your environment matter to us. Sydney Pest Crew is committed to using environmentally conscious rat control methods and tools. Our approach is effective yet gentle on the ecosystem, ensuring that your space remains pest-free and environmentally responsible.

So, if you have noticed a rodent infestation on your property, call us at Sydney Pest Crew without delay. We are a reputable Sydneyrodent pest controlcompany in this industry and provide high-quality rodent pest control services to residential, commercial, and industrial customers.

Whilst rodents aren’t dangerous, they can be carriers of disease that cause concern. They typically live for an average of 3-4 years, but can multiply quite quickly!
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Why Hire Professionals For Rodent Control In Sydney?

Do you have a rodent problem? Are you searching for “rodent control near me”? We can help you! Rodent pest control and eradication is a specialised job, and you need to hire an expert to get the job done right, whether for residential or commercial rodent control.

At Sydney Pest Crew, we understand the importance of keeping your home or business free from rodents and other pests. Our experienced team of professionals have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with the most effective and efficient rodent pest control solutions.

We will inspect your property and identify the source of the infestation. We will then develop a customised plan to eliminate rodents and other pests from your property quickly and effectively.

Hiring professional pest control for rodents is the best way to ensure your property is free from mice and other pest infestation. Contact us today to learn more about our rodent control services in Sydney.

Rat infestations are associated with dreaded diseases like the bubonic plague, leptospirosis, and Hantavirus. In commercial settings such as restaurants or warehouses and industrial environments, they can cause damage to food products, inventory as well as other things that have been stocked there. They gnaw into electrical wiring and can damage other products as well.

Also, they move around your property and leave behind droppings and urine in various areas, affecting the hygiene levels. If you run a restaurant or any other food establishment, it becomes a health hazard as well. Having rodents on your property can impact your reputation.

When issues with rat infestations persist in a home, it can be extremely difficult for homeowners to address the problem effectively. Without proper knowledge and equipment, it‘s almost impossible to determine the true extent of the infestation until a proper investigation is carried out. This is where expert rat extermination services in Sydney come in.

These services specialise in identifying and eliminating rat infestations using techniques such as trapping, baiting and exclusion methods. Additionally, rat control in Sydney may include preventative measures to keep rats from returning to the property.

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    Signs of a Rodent Infestation

    Being aware of the signs of a rat infestation is the first step towards reclaiming a pest-free environment. 

    If you have noticed these pests, know that they are very persistent and can damage indoor and outdoor features on your property. Call us for Sydney rodent pest control as soon as you notice this problem, and we will send our expert technicians to your premises. Timely intervention goes a long way in ensuring that the rat infestation is dealt with quickly and efficiently and does not return. These are the common signs to look out for:

    • Rat droppings— Keep an eye out for small, dark droppings around food sources, baseboards and hidden corners.
    • Scratching & Bruxing Sounds— Rats are not always discreet. Listen for scratching or scurrying sounds, especially at night. 
    • Running Tracks— Rats tend to create well-worn paths and leave behind visible tracks in dust or dirt. These tracks are often found along walls or in areas where rats frequent.
    • Damage to features in your premises— Be wary of unexplained holes, chewed wires or damaged goods around your property.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We have mice or rats in the house, how can we get them out quickly?

    There are numerous applications we can provide for both immediate and long-term control. Such applications include modern snap traps, sticky boards and baiting systems. Some will obtain quicker results than others however all applications will be explained to the client by our technicians, which you can confirm if you are satisfied with that application being implemented.

    Are baits safe for my pets?

    Rodent baits are kept in a lockable pet and child-friendly boxes which can only be opened by a licensed technician with a key. As long as stations are not being tampered with or forced open by residents then pets will remain safe. Bait will never be installed externally or within kitchens etc without a bait station around it.

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    John Grooms
    John Grooms
    Service was excellent, they were able to come at a time that suited and their pricing was very competitive!
    Marcel Moussa
    Marcel Moussa
    These guys a professional and great to deal with. They sprayed our factory and office and found areas where insects have penetrated. Something other Pest Controller’s didn’t notice. A+ to the team
    Very professional and excellent communication Eddy!
    Rebecca Yiu
    Rebecca Yiu
    All the above qualities, A* service, will definitely use again
    Marlene Andersen
    Marlene Andersen
    I’d like to thank the team at Sydney Pest crew for taking the time to thoroughly inspect my commercial site and provide the most appropriate types of pest control. I get a text when they’re on their way and an update when they see an issue. I’d recommend them for their professional attitude, reasonable pricing and for delivering a service that works!
    Lifestyle CareandSupport
    Lifestyle CareandSupport
    I have been using Sydney Pest Crew for the past year and they have been absolutely great! very reliable, response quickly and the price is adorable.
    Victoria N
    Victoria N
    Highly recommend! It's been 4 months and we haven't seen a single bug in ot around the house! Great communication! You will not be disappointed.
    Veronica Mikael
    Veronica Mikael
    The only pest control company I will EVER use. The boys at SPC are 10/10, I recommend them to everyone! They do a very detailed job every time and give me peace of mind that there's no creepy crawlies lurking around the house. Thank you SPC!
    Jayesh Shah
    Jayesh Shah
    Great service 👍
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