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You should not feel baffled about how German cockroaches ended up in Australia when you find one in your kitchen. While cockroach infestations are common and there are various cockroach species native to different parts of the world, German cockroaches are globally the most common.

German cockroach infestations may take place almost anywhere as long as the cockroaches find a safe place to nest. However, the kitchen of hotels, restaurants and nursing homes and food processing facilities are the most commonly infested spaces. Operating in Sydney over a long period, Sydney Pest Crew is known to be one of the best when it comes to getting rid of insects. We can get your residence or commercial establishment free from cockroaches in a quick time.

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How can you identify German cockroaches?

When you find a cockroach in your kitchen, chances are high that it is a German cockroach. However, you may still look for certain identifying features to be sure. The colour of these cockroaches ranges from light brown to tan and they have two parallel stripes right behind their neck. German cockroaches have wings and are capable of flying. However, they tend to run on their legs most of the time. If you suspect a cockroach infestation but aren’t sure, you may hire our pest control team to carry out an inspection and preventive measures.

How does a German cockroach infestation take place?

As German cockroaches are very common, it doesn’t take much for an infestation to break out in a kitchen. There are a variety of ways in which yours might get infested.

  • Cockroaches or their eggs might get transported straight into your kitchen along with the groceries you purchase. Up to fifty German cockroaches can hatch from a single egg.
  • In case you live in an apartment, the chances of a cockroach infestation are particularly high. Cockroaches can easily spread through the building if any of your neighbours do not hire pest control services to get rid of an infestation in their home.
  • German cockroaches are quite common in restaurants and other commercial kitchens if the space is unclean. This is primarily due to the availability of ample food.

Hence, do not be surprised upon finding German cockroaches in your kitchen as they can infest spaces very easily. However, you may seek the guidance of our experts regarding the prevention of a cockroach infestation.

What problems does a cockroach infestation pose?

Like any pest that can cause an infestation, German cockroaches pose several threats. These are mostly hygiene-related problems as the cockroaches infesting kitchens can easily contaminate any food. An infestation of cockroaches is particularly dangerous as they carry a wide variety of diseases that they can spread rapidly.

Restaurants, cafes and other similar commercial establishments can easily run into trouble if they do not keep cockroach infestations in check. Quite often, the restaurants found to have cockroach-infested kitchens receive heavy fines. Uproars resulting from the discovery of cockroaches in food or utensils in restaurants aren’t uncommon either. A cockroach infestation is a troublesome situation for the customers and the staff alike.

How can you get rid of a cockroach infestation?

A very common statement that you might have heard regarding cockroach infestations is ‘you can never stop German cockroaches’. However, we have proven this statement to be untrue multiple times to date. With our professional experience and high-end equipment, we can successfully eliminate any infestation of German cockroaches. Here are some of the pest control techniques that we implement.

  • We flush out all the possible cracks where cockroaches might be nesting.
  • If necessary, we carry out multiple applications varying from a gel application, residual surface spray, dusting of electrical motors (fridge motors, dishwashers etc) and sticky board applications.
  • Our team carries various types of insecticides and even gels that are specifically created to get rid of German cockroaches.

You may rest assured that we spray or apply pesticides by taking every necessary safety measure. As long as you follow our recommendations, you would not have to worry about any contamination from the chemicals.

Why are we your best option for pest control?

You would essentially want professionals to take care of the infestation of German cockroaches as it can lead to serious issues. Our services are known to be:

  • Quick
  • Effective
  • Reliable
  • Cost-effective
  • Safe

To get rid of the infestation in your kitchen once and for all, give Sydney Pest Crew a call at 1300 288 342.

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