Why preconstruction Termite Barrier
installations are vital for your
new build construction project?

Are you building a new home? If you are, then this will be one of your most dear possessions and biggest investments that you make. To make sure your home is always protected from termites it is a wise to decision to install Termite Barriers. A termite barrier system deters the entry of termites and thus reduces the risk of a termite attach.

Termites are very active in the Australian mainland and it is estimated that about 34,000 homes are attacked by termites every year. Termite attacks incur more damage than even natural catastrophes, and what is worst about them is that they are not covered under insurance schemes. Some parts of Australia (particularly in Melbourne, are declared as ‘termite zones’, which means a termite barrier system is mandated in all new constructions by the regulatory authorities.

How can you protect your home?

There are two types of barrier systems that you can choose from: chemical and physical. We at Sydney Pest Crew have the expertise in both the forms of termite management and you can bank upon us to keep your new home protected from termite attacks.

Physical Termite Barrier:

A protective layer placed underneath the slab of your building is a physical termite barrier. These are wide sheets of material which the termites cannot eat up. They are laid in a similar way as moisture protection layer before poring the slab. The sheets are overlapped and sealed with adhesive. As per the requirement of your construction, the sheets can be laid either with complete coverage or around the perimeter and pipe penetrations. While installing this system make sure you choose a reliable service provider who provides materials that are non-corroding in nature and have no gaps or cracks. If the material is not resistant to corrosion it will do more harm than good and you will have double the trouble.

Chemical Termite Barrier:

A chemical liquid is spread into the soil, either under the concrete of the floor or around the entire perimeter of the foundation. The chemical used is fatal for termites but completely safe for humans, so you don’t need to worry about you and your family. You can also install a chemical reticulation system which delivers the liquid to soil in areas under and around your home. This system will make sure, that your home is protected from termites even after few years of the first application as the chemical breaks down and becomes less effective after some time.

A chemical treatment that is done properly, is not a one-time activity. It is done in multiple stages that are coordinated will all construction activities starting from laying of foundation to protecting the exteriors of the building. The treatment is most effective when the final application is done post final grading or even landscaping so that there is no disturbance to the treated soil.

For any advice related to installation of a pre-construction termite barrier reach out to us at Sydney Pest Crew. You can write to us at info@sydneypestcrew.com.au or visit our website www.sydneypestcrew.com.au and fill up the enquiry form.

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