Do you have an extension project for your existing building or you are constructing a new building? You must ensure pre-construction pest treatment before your project gets started. The process involves the application of a termite barrier to the soil after it is levelled and before pouring concrete. To begin with, it will prevent termites from entering your building’s foundation.

Pre-construction pest and termite treatment is a sophisticated job. We at Sydney Pest Crew have years of experience and a licensed crew to ensure professional application before your project begins.

Importance of Pre-Construction Termite Treatment

Most importantly, pre-construction termite treatment will prevent an infestation from invading your property. Experienced builders understand the importance of including the treatment into the process. It is a cost-saving effort, as it safeguards your investment during the construction stage. Our crew, comprising of skilled and certified professionals, has the expertise in protecting your home from pest damage.

Pre-Construction Sydney Pre-Construction

How Does it Work?

We will match your pre-construction pest treatment to the following factors:

  • Your safety
  • Environment
  • Budget
  • Potential risk

We use a wide range of systems and techniques after evaluating the potential risks associated with your property. This can include bait systems, wood treatments, soil treatments, and more.

There are a few stages in the process. Typically, the following steps will be involved:

  • We will apply chemicals to the sides and bottom of the excavations
  • Whenever slabs will be placed, our crew will ensure treatment with chemicals
  • All points where the walls meet the floors will receive treatment
  • We will dig holes all around the perimeter and fill them with chemicals
  • All pipe bedding will receive treatment to prevent pest damage

Professional Pre-Construction Treatment

Both chemical and physical barriers can be created to force the pests into an area where they can be readily detected. We use industry-standard procedures to prevent insects from getting access to the hidden areas.

The treatment is important during pre-construction because it is only during this phase that it can reach all the places. Access to such spots can become impossible after the construction is finished. This also prevents your family and guests from coming in contact with the applications.

Pre-Construction Sydney Pre-Construction

Our Pre-Construction Treatment Solutions

At Sydney Pest Crew, we work together with builders, owners, and developers. We make recommendations on the best pre-construction pest and termite control options. We ensure the effectiveness of all the pest management services we provide.

If you have a new construction project or extension project at hand, call us for further advice. Call us today at 0415 682 988 or write to us using this Online Form. We will revert to your message at the earliest.