Professional Termite Reticulation Refill Service in Sydney

Your home or commercial building needs to be protected from termite attacks. Termite Reticulation refill is recommended every 3 to 8 years based on the type of material used. Termite infestation can cause potentially tens of thousands of dollars of worth of damage to your property. At Sydney Pest Crew, we inspect your home or building periodically to ensure the chemical barrier around the foundations is working properly. Besides refilling, we can take additional measures to ensure optimal protection.

What is a Reticulation System?

A Termite Reticulation system ensures that the chemical barrier around your building’s foundations is reinstated using a network of underground pipes. The chemical application requires precise control, something that is possible only with experienced hands. Our technicians are fully-licensed in the process and each team member has more than a decade of experience.

Termite Reticulation Termite Reticulation

All our technicians are locally trained. This helps us bring local expertise and knowledge to your advantage. We have deeper understanding of local termite infestation problems.

Important Things to Know

  • Your building’s Termite Reticulation system must be refilled every 3 years. The duration becomes longer based on the chemical used.
  • We will inspect the surrounding environment to determine the exact time between refills
  • The system should be checked once a year to ensure optimal functionality

This is one of the several ways to stop termites from entering your home and causing damage. Our team may suggest other measures as well depending on an existing infestation or other potential risks.

All manufacturers suggest periodic inspections after the Termite Reticulation system is installed. These inspections must be completed according to Australian standards to ensure compliance.

Termite Reticulation Termite Reticulation

Depending on its condition, we may be required to conduct timber pest inspection before refilling the system. Once our technicians refill it, we will issue a fixed-period assurance. If you want to know more about our services, give us a call at Sydney Pest Crew. We can be reached at 0415 682 988. You can also send us a message by using this Online Form.