Why your real estate/strata
company requires Sydney Pest Crew
as their primary pest controller?

An important aspect of your role as a manager of a real estate company is to maintain the reputation of the brand so that you can attract more potential clients to the property. One major risk to the reputation of any property is the damage caused by pest infestation. Many strata company owners ignore pest control and the cost that they incur at the end is devastating. The damage that pests, especially the hidden or subterranean ones can cause is expensive to repair and is not covered in insurance.

Most common consequences of a pest infestation:

Rats, insects, termites and other pests cause great damage to real estate each year and the property owners incur unnecessary cost. The most common consequences of a pest infestation are:

  • Cost of repairing the damage done
  • Potential damage to the reputation of the brand and negative reviews
  • Unwanted vacancies in the property which need the rent to be lowered to compensate

According to the law of the land, property and strata managers are responsible to ensure appropriate measures are taken to prevent pest infestation. When a tenant raises a complaint, the local council gets involved. Hence, it is advised that before such a situation arises you contact an expert from Sydney Pest Crew and get your property protected.

High-risk areas in your building:

Pests get attracted to places where they have an easy access to food, water and shelter. This means the pests can sneak into a multiples places in your building and cause damage. To be able to apply the right pest control measure you will need a professional service provider.

In the exteriors, holes in the roof, cracks in the foundation and leakages in pipes or air conditioning units become the breeding ground. In interiors, kitchen, laundry area and bathroom areas with moisture, cracks in the wall, cavities in floor become the most commonly infested area.

Benefits of using Sydney Pest Crew services for pest control:

  • We have a team of skilled and experienced professionals. They understand pest management in domestic, commercial and industrial areas. Our pest controllers hold the necessary certifications as per the best industry standards, so you can rest assured that you have made a good choice every time you choose Sydney Pest Crew services.
  • For us your convenience and comfort is of paramount importance and hence we offer flexibility when it comes to availability and booking of slots. You will also get regular notifications so that you stay updated about the progress on your request.
  • We are committed to keeping you, your staff and the premises safe. All the chemicals that we use are potent and yet environment friendly.
  • After completion of the service you will get a detailed report from Sydney Pest Crew. The report will detail out areas treated, chemicals that’s were used and advice on how you can prevent infestation in the future.

Sydney Pest Crew will provide you with an expert who will understand your property and will be absolutely transparent with you while giving advice and recommendations. Our intelligent and efficient pest control systems make sure that the problem is prevented before it becomes devastating.

If you need any pest control Sydney services for your real estate company, contact us today. You can call us on 1300 288 342 or write to us at info@sydneypestcrew.com.au.

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