Why your school and daycare/childcare require pest and rodent control?

Pests and rodents are far from uncommon in Australia, and neither are infestations. Imagine running a school and suddenly finding it overrun with pests or rodents. Schools or childcare facilities are expected to provide a safe environment for children. The number of pest control companies has steadily risen due to the frequent infestation of pests across residential and commercial developments.

With professional assistance from the right company, you may keep your school or daycare center free from pests. Even if pests do start to show up, you would be able to get the situation controlled by eliminating them. We, at Sydney Pest Crew, offer reliable pest and rodent control services in your city. Over the years, we have proven ourselves to be reliable and trustworthy in this field.

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Why is pest control necessary in schools or daycare?

An infestation of pests and rodents in a school can be quite dangerous for children, as they are relatively more vulnerable. Here are some of the reasons why it is necessary to hire pest and rodent control services.

  • Rodents, particularly rats are known to carry a variety of diseases. An infestation of rodents inside the school premises can easily get children sick. This is why rodent control should never be delayed.
  • Rodents might unsettle or distract the pupils, causing noises on the roof.
  • Pests like cockroaches tend to live in kitchens and can contaminate utensils and food. In a daycare center, such a situation can easily lead to severe health hazards for kids.
  • Kids tend to develop phobia quickly. Constant exposure to pests and rodents would install long-term trauma amongst them. The psychological impact of such fear is intense.
  • Bird lice can cause skin problems such as itching and marks, both to the children and the staff alike.

Thus, pest control services are crucial for the sake of the children’s safety. Parents trust schools and daycare centers to keep their children safe from any harm.

How does an infestation take place?

In regions where pests and rodents are common, it doesn’t take much for an infestation to break out. Food crumbs dropped by children tend to attract rats and mice. Any unclean areas on the premises can potentially become a home to pests. As soon as pests or rodents find a safe haven in the property, they would start nesting there. However, the most common reason behind infestations is negligence. Our pest control services can help to avoid the infestation entirely by stopping it at an early stage. However, if you ignore the warning signs during the initial pest sightings, the chances of an infestation would significantly rise.

How can pest control services protect your school from financial losses?

Apart from being harmful to the children, pests and rodents can cause severe financial losses for your school or childcare center. Hiring pest control services would be far cheaper, considering the losses you would incur if you decide otherwise.

  • Parents most certainly wouldn’t be happy to see their children returning home with insect bites. Unless you get the situation in check immediately, they might even move their kids to another school or childcare.
  • Rats and termites can cause severe damages to the property, leading to expensive repairs. An infestation of termites can easily destroy a large section of furniture.
  • Pests and rodents would deter parents from enrolling their kids in your school or daycare center. The very sight of pests would turn them away when they set foot on your establishment for the first time.
  • If blown out of proportion, a severe infestation can even force you to shut down the school until it is safe for children once again.

Ignoring timely rodent control services can prove to be an expensive blunder that you would repent.

Why should you hire us for pest and rodent control?

We are a family-owned and operated pest control firm with an impressive track record in Sydney. Over the years, we have established our legacy with cost-effective and committed services in several educational institutions in the city. We can help you get rid of any type of pests or rodents, including:

  • Cockroaches (including german cockroaches)
  • Ants
  • Bees
  • Rodents (Rats/Mice)
  • Bird lice
  • Spiders and more

You may stay assured that we deploy pest and rodent control techniques that are safe for childcare establishments and schools. To hire Sydney Pest Crew, give us a call at 1300 288 342 and our experts will help you out at the earliest.

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