Everything you need to know about
preparing your home or workplace for
a pest control service?

Now that you have decided to go for a professional service to take care of all the pests that might be present in your area, there are a few things that you should be aware of. For the pest control service to be most effective and least invasive keep in mind the following points whether you are the owner of a house, a commercial space, or an industrial unit.

Preparing residential spaces

Large furniture and appliances should be moved away from corners and walls so that the pest control service providers can have greater access to those hidden areas. This also ensures furniture is safe from chemical sprays and spills. All clothes, toys, jewellery, pillows, sheets, and other loose items should be moved into the closet or covered with a cloth. The dustbins should be cleared, kitchen cabinets should be emptied for spraying, appliances should be unplugged, and the countertop should be empty. Utensils should be secured by wrapping and food items need to be inside containers. For pets, it is important to keep them aloof and secure their personal items. Take them to a vet if possible, for tick and flea removal. In general, anything that can have residue of sprays should be securely wrapped. For the most hygienic and safe process, Sydney Pest Crew uses the best equipment and chemicals suitable for homes.

Getting a commercial space ready

Even shops and offices need regular pest control. It is important for the sake of health of the people working in that area. You must close the space and issue prior notice to prevent discomfort to your customers and employees. If you have a kitchen or a serving area, extra care needs to be taken to keep the utensils and serve ware uncontaminated. Bathrooms must be emptied out end-to-end and the soaps/detergents should be replaced post the pest control service is successfully carried out. All loose paper must necessarily be disposed. The desks in offices must be cleared out prior to the event. The furniture should be covered to prevent chemicals from accumulating on chairs, seats, etc. Most importantly, your inventory and register area needs to be properly secured and all shelf space must be empty. As a thumb rule, anything that comes in human contact has be kept away securely and food/disposables should be removed.

Industrial areas need extra care

While it is a common understanding that industrial spaces are rugged and equipment is resilient to chemicals, the people that use those spaces and tools are not. It is the duty of the industrial owners to provide a safe and healthy working environment to their staff and workers. Hence, pest control service in an industrial area should be done with as many precautions as in a home or a house. The preparations will in fact take longer and are arduous since the quantum of work to be done to secure all equipment, furniture, shelves, drawers, tools, machines, etc. is much higher. Sydney Pest Crew will take all the necessary precautions and inform you of the preparations you need to do to get the job done securely.

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