While most birds do not seem harmful, there are many which can prove to be a menace. Residential and commercial property owners report infestations of birds on their premises very often. Pigeons can roost and nest in various nooks and crannies on a property. Not only do they leave behind droppings that defile the areas but also shed feathers messing up the spaces entirely. There are various reasons to opt for bird control Sydney from experts like us.

We provide high-quality services and customise our solutions so that you get the kind of services that will offer you value for money. At Sydney Pest Crew, we are committed to providing our clients with the services that will help eliminate birds from the property permanently. We also cover our service with a guarantee so you can be sure that we will tackle every job correctly.

Why You Need Bird Control in Sydney

It is crucial to hire the services of professionals like us because we have the experience, expertise, and skills needed to get rid of these birds from your property once and for all. If you are wondering whether you need expert bird control services in Sydney, take a look at why this is important:

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  • With birds nesting and roosting on your property, you will have to pay higher maintenance costs.
  • Their faeces and feathers etc. block gutters which can result in seepage in your home or commercial structure causing damage to it
  • Many birds are noisy, and they coo round the clock, which can become a nuisance.
  • Your property will have a foul odour due to their faeces all over the place.
  • Many birds also spread infections which result in flu-like symptoms.
  • Fungal infection transmission can also happen through birds.
  • Bird droppings have salmonella and several other bacteria that can result in health issues in people working or living on your property.
  • Their droppings are hazardous because the result in slipping accidents on fire escapes and pavements which can also open up your business to litigation.

Our Bird Control Methods

Depending on the setting and the kind of infestation, we will use various bird control in Sydney methods, including:

  • Netting
  • Electric Shock systems
  • Flock reduction techniques such as trapping
  • Installation of spikes
  • High-pitched audio device installations
  • Other treatments

For more details about our Sydney bird control and other pest control services, feel free to contact Sydney Pest Crew at 0415 682 988. You can also send us your queries and requests through this Online Form, and we will respond within the shortest possible time.

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