As a homeowner or business owner, it is part of your responsibility to get rid of pests. There are many different types of pests and some can be controlled to a certain degree with individual efforts. However, when it comes to wasps, the job of pest eradication should best be left to the professionals.

Wasps are large insects that have a notorious reputation for causing painful stings and being aggressive. If you have any temptation to try and remove these creatures from your home or place of business using DIY methods, you should forget about it. At Sydney Pest Crew, we have the experience, skills, and resources to help get rid of these difficult pests.

The Wasp Problem

There has been a massive influx of wasp this summer due to the heat and humidity. These pests can find cover and nest in different places, including under the:

  • Windows
  • Eaves
  • Gutters

And other areas where you least expect to find them. This includes under the hot water system and even atop the front door.

Before you understand the importance of professional wasp eradication, it is important to know many things about these pests and the challenges they create:

  • A wasp nest can have 100 or more wasps.
  • Wasp stings are more common than you realise. The incidents increase during the warmer months.
  • While most people will recover from the stings quickly, there is always a chance of allergic reaction. These complications can also require hospitalisation.
  • People can get multiple stings, especially when you try to remove wasps and their nests yourself. The risks are the same when you use a hose to get rid of them.

Wasp Infestation & Potential Harm

Wasps can be dangerous to both adults and children. They are territorial and aggressive in nature. Besides, they are different from bees in that they can use their stinger multiple times. If children, pets, or anyone else approaches a wasp nest, they will attack. As already mentioned, they attack in packs, which can also prove to be fatal in some cases.

If you have been stung by wasps and have mild to moderate reactions, it is recommended to follow these tips to take care of the problem:

  • Wash the stung area using soap and water
  • Apply a cold pack at the area to reduce pain and swelling
  • Make sure the wound is kept clean and dry
  • Use a bandage to cover the area
  • You may also use vinegar as a home remedy

If there are severe allergic reactions, it is important to seek immediate medical attention.

Need for Professional Wasp Eradication

Wasp eradication is one job that is best left of the professionals. At Sydney Pest Crew, we can ensure the safe and effective removal of the nest without placing you or your family in the harm’s way.

There are many reasons why professional wasp eradication is always recommended.

i. Save Your Valuable Time

Even if you have time at your behest to take care of pest control, wasp eradication is not for you. However, if you think you can handle this problem on your own, you must do a lot of research to learn about wasps, their behaviour, potential risks, find their nests, and the ways to get rid of them. It involves a lot of work and a lot of risk.

ii. There is Always the Risk

As mentioned above, wasps usually attack in swarms. Besides, the stings can sometimes prove to be serious, especially when stung by many wasps. When you hire professional pest control services, you will be avoiding the risk while also reducing the chances of getting a big medical bill.

Besides these benefits, seeking our professional wasp eradication service will also save deliver you reliable results. We will conduct thorough inspection of your property before creating a customised pest control plan. If you think you have a wasp problem in your home or business, call us today at 0415 682 988 for an inspection. You may also write to us from our Contact Page.