If possums start to build their homes on your property, you need to be careful with their removal as they are a protected species. We at Sydney Pest Crew are a leading company in the industry and provide responsible possum control services.

Signs That There Are Possums On Your Property

This task is never one you should try to tackle yourself, and you need to call n professionals like us for the job. Our expert team will carefully remove the possums from your residential or commercial premises without harming them.

Here are the common signs that you have these pests on your premises:

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  • A possum can move around quickly on various exterior areas of your property. It can walk on the roof and will also climb up the sides of the structure. Not only will it damage the siding but the gutters, soffits and shingles etc.
  • These pests are quite noisy, and you can easily hear them when they are moving around. Whenever they are nesting, you will hear scratching and repairing sounds as they start looking for material to build their home.
  • When the mothers are communicating with their young, they make very distinctive lip-smacking and clicking sounds. If you hear these noises, it means you have more than one possum on your property
  • You will begin to smell faeces and urine once these creatures have settled into your property. They have large droppings that they leave around in various areas. If you do not clean these up quickly, you will find that the smell permeates all areas of your home.

Affordable Sydney Possum Control

If you have noticed any of these signs call us without delay for reliable possum control in Sydney. We are very prompt with our services and will send one of our pest control experts your way.

These are territorial creatures, so even after they have been removed from a particular place, they tend to return to that spot. This is why it takes professionals to get rid of the problem:

  • We will first trap the creature, check for nests and babies and then release them in a habitable and comfortable area in the vicinity.
  • Blocking access to all the areas of your premises is the next step. We seal gaps, install nets and block all the vulnerable points, and this helps prevent future infestations.
  • All the work will be carried out in line with government guidelines.

For more details about our possums' control and other pest control services, feel free to contact Sydney Pest Crew at 0415 682 988. You can also send us your queries and requests through this Online Form, and we will respond within the shortest possible time.

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