Pigeons seem quite harmless when you first look at them. However, anyone with this problem will know how much of a nuisance these birds can cause. This is especially true if you do not address their existence when they first begin to roost and nest on your property. Never allow pigeons to start breeding anywhere on your roofing gutters etc. and call us for pigeon control in Sydney immediately.

Why You Need Professional Sydney Pigeon Control Services

We at Sydney Pest Crew receive a lot of calls from residential and commercial clients that happen to be dealing with a pigeon problem. In most cases, by the time they contact us, the issue has gotten out of hand because property owners have neglected to address the problem as soon as they noticed them. It is best to get professional pigeon control in Sydney done because:

  • Pigeons can be extremely noisy and dirty. Once they have found a proper roosting and nesting place, they can become impossible to remove.
  • What many people do not realise is that pigeons carry health risks just as rodents and mice do; they are disease carriers.
  • Pigeons can be very disruptive and destructive, as well. They can bite and peck into wooden beams.
  • They also build nests in various areas which attract insects and pests. Pigeons are quite strong and determined and can dislodge roof shingles.
  • Their droppings defile outdoor areas of your home or commercial establishment and can also corrode the building material.
  • In industrial settings, these birds can cause damage to equipment and inventory stored in warehouses.
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Eco-Friendly Pigeon Control in Sydney

Since these birds can cause such a nuisance and destruction of your property, and be a health risk as well, it is best to address the issue on time. We use eco-friendly pigeon control treatments and will remove them from your property as humanly as possible.

When you call us with your Sydney pigeon control requirement, our team will first assess the area, determine all the spots where the pigeons are nesting. We will then clean that space, treat it completely, and ensure that there are no signs of the pigeons on your property.

For more details about our pigeon control and other services, feel free to contact Sydney Pest Crew at 0415 682 988. You can also send us your queries and requests through this Online Form, and we will respond within the shortest possible time.

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