Pest activity patterns have changed significantly under the Covid-19 lockdowns introduced in Australia during the pandemic. Most people spent more of their time at home and encountered pests more often at their homes than at the workplace. This meant that the workplaces, restaurants, warehouses, and other places of work were left abandoned. These empty buildings didn’t receive the maintenance they needed. Combined with factors such as silence, lack of human presence and activity, and a lack of food, the perfect environments were created for pest infestations.

As new variants of the Coronavirus keep emerging and cause periodic spikes in infections, you may never know when the next lockdown may emerge. All this increases the importance of effective and preventative pest control. This is important to protect everyone’s safety and health and prevent damage to your business’ reputation from infestations. This is where Sydney Pest Crew can help.

Changes in Pest Activity Patterns

Every time your state, territory, or city goes into a lockdown, there is an increase in reported rodent sightings, activity, and related incidents. From the first lockdown, it was found that rats and mice-infested areas that they would not normally be seen in. This included empty buildings. Besides, changes in their lifestyle patterns were also reported. Rats, by their nature, avoid humans. As lesser humans frequented the streets during lockdowns, rats seemed to have become a little border and were seen in areas they normally wouldn't frequent normally.

Importance of Preventative Commercial Pest Control

While businesses have to deal with the financial implications of lockdown, many owners and managers often overlook the potential damages that can be caused by pest infestation. It is a potential problem that may not even be on your to-do list during a pandemic lockdown. It is important to include this step in your to-do list and to take serious steps to prevent any form of pests from affecting your business premises.

If you don’t already know it, commercial pest control is an essential service and you are still required to provide access to pest-free professional services during the pandemic, even during times of lockdown. Professional pest management services and solutions help keep your commercial property safe and protected from pest infestation, both during a lockdown and otherwise.

  • When you maintain pest management, your property and business should remain in a good position to reopen safely.
  • When you stop pest control services, there is a very high chance of having a pest infestation that has been active for weeks or months. This can not only increase safety risks for your employees and customers, but it may also cause potential damage to your property and the contents within.

Tips to Prevent Pest Infestations

It is recommended to follow these tips to prevent a pest infestation during any period of lockdown when your staff is required to work from home:

  • All access points must be sealed
  • Make sure all food sources are secured from access to pests
  • Conduct thorough cleaning and hygiene processes before closing your business premises
  • Make sure to implement professional pest management solutions
  • Get all the existing pest management systems checked
  • Visit the premises regularly and get professional pest activity checks and routine maintenance
  • Conduct a professional back-to-work pest inspection

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Wasp eradication is one job that is best left of the professionals. At Sydney Pest Crew, we can ensure the safe and effective removal of the nest without placing you or your family in the harm’s way.

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