While many of us love to gorge on fruits, certain insects do the same as well. Fruit flies are quite a common pest problem in many homes. These tiny black specks can be extremely annoying, and they keep flying around fruits you might have kept lying around in the kitchen. When you notice these in your home, it is best to call an expert company like us at Sydney Pest Crew for fruit flies control treatment.

Fruit Fly Facts

These pests can start to breed in various other areas like around your trash can or even on old mops for kitchen sponges etc. When you call us on time for professional fruit flies control, we can address the issue very quickly and effectively. It is never a good idea to wait until the fruit fly issue gets out of control as it can become very challenging to deal with for you. Here are some fruit fly facts:

  • On average, these insects can live for between 8 to 10 days. Female fruit flies lay up to 500 eggs at a shot, and it means that you will find yourself dealing with a very massive number of fruit flies within a very short period.
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  • If you have old or rotting fruit lying around somewhere, it doesn't take long for these insects to breed and thrive in that environment.
  • The best way to ensure that you do not have to deal with this problem is to prevent it from occurring in the first place. You should store all fruit in the fridge as far as possible.
  • Another way to deter these flies from breeding in other areas is to ensure that your garbage disposal is clean and does not have any food products stuck in it.
  • Empty bottles and damp sponges used in the kitchen are other breeding spots for these fruit flies.
  • Maintaining proper hygiene levels in your kitchen is an excellent way to prevent fruit flies from breeding in that area.

Fruit Fly Pest Control Services in Sydney

If you have noticed a fruit fly infestation in your home, call us for practical and prompt fruit fly control services in Sydney. We are very systematic and approach; we will check every little area in the kitchen to determine where the fruit flies might be breeding and will apply the right treatments to prevent the spread.

For more details about our fruit flies' control and other services, feel free to contact Sydney Pest Crew at 0415 682 988. You can also send us your queries and requests through this Online Form, and we will respond within the shortest possible time.

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